HoTaw do I get into film festivals, what do they want from me as a filmmaker, why should I bother? How to choose?


Moderated by David S. Smith, filmmaker, Program Director at Columbia State's Film Crew Technology Program, and Artistic Director, FIIFF. Smith leans in to these professionals to get the scoop on International Film Festivals with Paul McEvoy, United Kingdom, Exec Director, FRIGHTFEST, UK’s largest Genre festival, Natasha Marburger, ED London Independent Film Festival and Los Angeles International Film Festival, Nicole Lieberman, Founder - The and curator at HerFLIX and Jenna Suru, Paris International Film Festival.


How is Media affected by the Female Gaze? What does it mean?

Kate Kinninmont, MBE, MD, The F Word Media Co, United Kingdom moderates this panel of exceptional women. Jenna Suru, Producer/WriterActor, Director, Paris International Film Festival www.belleepoquefilms, Natasha Marburger, Producer and Exec Director, London Int’l Film Festival and Los Angeles Int’l Film Festival,, Nicole Lieberman, Founder, The Female Film Club,, Dr. Jennifer Galvin, Filmmaker, Producer & Director master of award winning documentary films, discuss the state of the industry today from the female perspective.

Let’s discuss composing, clearances and licensing.

with some of the best around as they discuss When/ how does music enter the film. Moderated by Angela D. Green, Esq., Music Entertainment Law, Exec Director, Memphis Music Banq and On Location Memphis International Music & Film Festival,,  with Shay Watson, Composer/Music Supervisor/Singer/Songwriter,




Kate Kinninmont, MBE

Director/Producer BBC, WIFV, UK

MD The F-Word Media Co, UK


Dr. Jennifer Galvin


Documentary Filmmaker with emphasis 

on people and their stories.

Writer Producer, Brass Rocks  Productions

Nicole Lieberman
NAtasha Marburger.png

Natasha Marburger

Producer, Natasha Marburger Films, Ltd

UK, Natasha is the Executive Direcrtor 

London International Film Festival and Los Angeles Internatinoal Film Festival.

Adam Caar



Jenna Suru

Actor, Director, Producer, writer, based in Paris, founder and director Paris International Film Festival. Belle Epoque Films her production company has a film in our festival. 



Beth Harrington

Award Winning Writer/Director /Producer from

the Pacific Northwest, Beth has been at FIIFF

 with The Winding Stream Music Doc about the

 Carter Family origins and this year with

The Musicianer. 

Shay Watson

Composer, Musician

Singer, songwriter composed a number of hallmark films as well as on NBC, ANE, CBS, HBO, Showtime, History Channel, Discovery, Fox, ESPN, Th Family Channel, Nick Jr.

Paul McEvoy.jpg

Paul McEvoy

The executive director of FrightFest, UK. FrightFest is the largest Horror film festival in Europe. 

Executive Director

Angela D. Green Esq

Angela D Green

Writer and Executive Director

Music and entertainment lawyer and writer. Also, the executive director of the memphis music banq, the executive director of On Location Memphis international music and film festival


Wynne Adams

Music Marking and Branding Producer

Music marketing and branding producer, based in nashville, who also has the Galaxy of Stars. 

Nicole Lieberman

Nicole Lieberman

Producer, Actress

Based in the UK, Nicole is the co-founder of Female Film club and she is an award winning producer and actress, currently in law school in London.