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Feature Selections


Shoot to Marry

Genre: Documentary

Director: Steve Markle

Runtime: 74min

Bio: After a failed marriage proposal, heartbroken filmmaker Steve Markle (Camp Hollywood) heads to L.A. to shoot a doc about Kate, a gifted artist and crush from his past.


Bastards' Road

Genre: Documentary

Director: Brian Morrison

Runtime: 95min

Bio: With remarkable honesty, insight and humor, Marine veteran Jon Hancock's 6000 mile journey is uniquely positive. It’s about changing the ways one relates to traumatic memories.


The Prison Within

Genre: Documentary

Director: Katherin Hervey

Runtime: 86min

Bio: THE PRISON WITHIN is a relevant and timely documentary exploring the destructive impact of untreated trauma on individuals and communities through the powerful stories of survivors of violent crimes and prisoners incarcerated for murder in circle inside San Quentin prison.


Wish Man

Genre: Drama

Director: Theo Davies

Runtime: 89min


The true story of FRANK SHANKWITZ, Arizona Motorcycle Cop and tells the story. of  his meeting a terminally ill boy which inspires him to  to transform his life. This ultimately leads to the founding of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
 Critics say Wish Man is: "heart wrenching”  “funny”, “courageous”  "death defying", and ”inspiring”.


Reel Redemption

Genre: Documentary

Director: Tyler Smith

Runtime: 86min

Bio: A documentary film by movie critic Tyler Smith about the rise of Christian Cinema.

Mr. Emancipation

Genre: Documentary

Director: Preston Chase

Runtime: 68min

Bio: Mr. Emancipation is the story of Walter L Perry’s determination to put on a celebration that would transcend divisions of race and class. He staged an Emancipation Day festival that was where everyone wanted to be. Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr, Jesse Owens all headed there because, as civil rights activist Dick Gregory said "The largest Juneteenth celebration was not in America, it was in Windsor, Canada.”

The Price of Legacy: Wrestling with a Dynasty

Genre: Documentary

Director: Sergio Valenzuela

Runtime: 82min

Perry, OK is home to a century-old high school wrestling dynasty and the most prolific winning streak in all of sports. But, most don’t know about it. 

During the 2016-17 season, the streak was in jeopardy. Decades of sacrifice and tradition were on the line.  These teenage kids aren’t just wrestling against an opponent, they are wrestling against the burden of history.

Would this team succumb to pressure or carry on the legacy?

Narrated by Trace Adkins. 


Hollywood in the High Country

Genre: Documentary

Director: Philip J Arnold

Runtime: 80min

Bio: A History of the Appalachian Theatre explores the efforts of the townspeople to purchase and restore the Art Deco landmark, a seven-year project that resulted in the reopening of the theatre as a performing arts center in 2019. 


Against the Wall

Genre: Documentary

Director: Kyle Saylors

Runtime: 39min

Bio: This is a true life, inspirational short documentary called, AGAINST THE WALL, about the life of Kevin Foster, who became the only person allowed by the Chinese government to ride a bicycle atop the length of the Great Wall, despite being told by doctors he would never walk or talk again after being electrocuted as a child.


Heart of Gold

Genre: Documentary

Director: Kullachat Jitcajonwanich

Runtime: 84min

Bio: Inspirational True Story : The first female prisoner to have achieved 3 world boxing championship titles and a regional boxing championship title from multiple internationally renowned boxing organizations (WBC, WIBA, WBA PABA) during her time in jail,Siriporn Taweesuk.


The Unseen Realm

Genre: Documentary

Director: Reuben Evans

Runtime: 71min

Bio: In the documentary The Unseen Realm, a light is cast on the strange and enigmatic plane of the supernatural that lies within the pages of Scripture.


Dark Horse

Genre: Documentary

Director: Christopher P. Marshall

Runtime: 74min

Bio: This documentary film follows three candidates running for Georgia State House and Senate seats in the 2018 Election. Phyllis Hatcher is a Black female pastor that is now trying her hand at politics.


The Hardest Day

Director: Ross Taylor

Runtime: 53min

Bio: The Hardest Day is a film that explores the intimacy of the human-animal bond - specifically, the last moments before, and after, the passing of a pet at home with their owner.


My Friend Karl

Genre: Documentary

Director: Colin Shuran

Runtime: 50min

Bio: The story of an unlikely friendship told through the eyes of a teenager, with discussions of mental illness, homelessness, and advocacy.



Director: Debbie Harmon

Runtime: 82min

Bio: Pride before destruction and haughtiness before a fall. This is the truth that Alex Archer is about to discover in a real and personal way as he experiences a major Disruption. Life doesn’t always go as you plan.


Quaranteened: A Virtual Musical

Genre: Musical

Director: Cori Anne Laemmel

Runtime: 73min

Bio: Quaranteened: A Virtual Musical is an all new virtual musical from The Theater Bug, in partnership with MA2LA. The show features the intertwined stories of a group of teenagers trying to stay connected in a world asking them to isolate themselves. It is based on the moment we are living in, told across Zoom classes, FaceTime, TikToks and texts.

Short Film Selections


Barbell Snatch

Genre: Animated

Director: Matthew B. W. Sheehan

Runtime: 1:20min

Bio: The Barbell Snatch is an Olympic-style weight lifting move, which many people think of as just a big man lifting a big thing in the air.



Genre: Dark Comedy

Director: Cassidy Kidd

Runtime: 15min

Bio: A young girl deals with loneliness in the apocalypse by talking to her stuffed animal, Benji. Over time Benji begins to start talking back.


A Heart's Calling

Genre: LGBTQ Drama

Director: Sam Brooks

Runtime: 8min

Bio: A young man is tested once his church and parents find out that he is gay and is instantly isolated and disowned. He is propelled into his journey of self-acceptance, healing, and potentially finding pure love with a nearby waiter.


Cinema Mudo

(Silent Movie)

Director: Melo Viana

Runtime: 15min

Bio: The short film proposes, as a background, to expose the history of cinema from the transition between silent and spoken cinema. This exhibition is made through the frames with references to the most representative films of the transition, covering the specific period between 1930 and 1934.



Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director: Nicola Rose

Runtime: 13min

Bio: When 13-year-old Gabrielle signs up for ballet, she encounters bullying from her teacher — and true friendship where she least expects it.


Kid Gloves

Genre: Romance, Drama

Director: Theresa Kowall Shipp

Runtime: 18min

Bio: A lonely house cleaner develops an obsession collecting glove thumbs while a little girl goes missing.

Being Carter

Genre: Drama

Director: Connor Olen

Runtime: 10min

Bio: A teenage boy on the autistic spectrum attempts to step outside his comfort zone.


To The Ends

Genre: Documentary

Director: Mark Koch & Chris Smith

Runtime: 13min

Bio: “TO THE ENDS” documents 12 months in the life of the organization, Ride Nature. This 10 part film series is made up of footage from 10 different trips to 10 different locations around the world.



Genre: Short

Director: Leoni Tenius

Runtime: 9min

Bio: Keira a fun, sophisticated and tough woman goes through life unapologetically while facing the challenges that any millennial deals with. Will she manage to stay resilient?


Angelina Tout

Genre: Music Video

Director: Sarah Mallabar

Runtime: 4min


Have Wine, Will Travel

Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy

Director: Joe Pezzula

Runtime: 18min

Bio: A woman battling a hangover gets tangled up with three scientists who are suffering equipment malfunctions.


Herrings of the Heart

Genre: Documentary

Director: Elica Matic Sholler

Runtime: 13min

Bio: Friendship, Fish and Fraudsters - A road trip through Bornholm in Denmark with an old friend eating herring and fishing for fraudsters in the online gay dating world.


The Squirrels in the Attic

Genre: Drama

Director: Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid

Runtime: 20min

Bio: When public defender Ingrid Donahue makes a house call to sex offender Dane Gage’s isolated home, the jarring appearance of a young woman, Kame, changes Ingrid’s focus of her interrogation.


It's Complicated

Genre: Comedy

Director: Ender Bowen

Runtime: 24min

Bio: It's Complicated is a situational comedy that follows Kevin, a man trying to start over after making a shocking discovery about his wife of 20 years.


Finding Mark While Also Having Tired Hands

Genre: Comedy

Director: Chandler Gibson

Runtime: 9min

Bio: Two bros in search of their friend Mark for they must tell him the most incredible discovery of a lifetime!



Director: Rodney Stringfellow

Runtime: 11min

Bio: “Manhood,” tells the story of OLIVIA, a little girl awaiting the arrival of her father on her tenth birthday.


Clear the Smoke

Genre: Music Video

Director: Patti Price

Runtime: 6min

Bio: "Clear the Smoke' is a dedication to the memory of Sgt. Michael 'Brandon' Harrell and the over 8,000 veterans who lose their life to PTSD every year.


Happy News Song

Genre: Music Video

Director: Cynthia Walker

Runtime: 3min



Genre: Drama

Director: Jenna Kanell

Runtime: 11min

Bio: A young writer's life is mysteriously impacted through his writing about an innocent girl at your everyday high school who, after being bullied at school and on social media, falls prey to a handsome predator in a position of power.


The Musicianer

Genre: Supernatural

Director: Beth Harrington

Runtime: 24min

Bio: Yodelin’ Vern Lockhart is a hillbilly singer with a problem. On the verge of stardom in the late 1920s, he inadvertently has become immortal, a situation he only dimly glimpses. But when he encounters Jo Cullen, a present-day musicologist who’s expert on Vern’s past, he begins to grasp the deal with the devil he’s made. An Americana music saga with a supernatural bent.


Why She Smiles

Genre: Documentary

Director: Caroline Sims

Runtime: 39min

Bio: Why She Smiles is the life and story of 34-year old Jamie Sorum and her fatal diagnosis of Huntington's Disease. "Why She Smiles" brings awareness to the necessity of a cure, and Jamie's unfathomable reality of facing each breath with hope, joy, and incredible bravery.


Dear Aunt Noa

Genre: Drama

Director: Dana Aliya Levinson

Runtime: 11min

Bio: A worldly transgender environmental activist from bustling LA and a struggling family-man mechanic from small town Ohio walk into a bar, their years of friendship tested by shades of gray in a modern America desperately masquerading in starkly contrasting monotones.


Yard Work

Genre: Dark Comedy

Director: Justin T. Malone

Runtime: 10min

Bio: A Southern Gothic dark comedy about an old man who fights back after being taken advantage of by a stranger.



Director: Tim Searfoss

Runtime: 6min

Bio: Hannah is stalking her husband and his mistress. As Hannah watches the lovers, she has a choice to make: will she take revenge, or forgive and let go?


Black Dispatch

Director: Shea Sizemore

Runtime: 19min

Bio: Sable, a Confederate engineer's house slave, risks everything by
stealing military plans, in hopes of delivering them to the Union Army and earning her and her family’s freedom.


Spoiler Alert

Director: Asha Chai-Chang

Runtime: 6min

Bio: Surrounded by a world of social media and gossip, a young woman has one simple request. No Spoilers!


How Great Thou Art

Genre: Documentary

Director: Brian Oxley

Runtime: 10min

Bio: Elvis Presley's friends and family give testimony to the singer's love of spiritual music. Featuring interviews with Billy Blackwood, Donna Presley, T.G. Sheppard, and members of the Stamps Quartet.



Director: Darin Goldberg

Runtime: 6min

Bio: He kept his promise. She didn't. A modern retelling of the Old Testament story of Gomer and Hosea. Unfaithful speaks of God’s love for us even when we continually turn away from Him.



Director: Rachel Grissom

Runtime: 23min

Bio: Mamzelle, a middle-aged farmer in a rural community, made the decision to come out as a teenager. Instead of fleeing to more supportive LGBTQ+ spaces, she has stayed in the hometown she loved. Now, as she cares for a friend's children, Mamzelle begins to realize what this choice has cost her.


Casual Call

Director: Guillermo Alvarez

Runtime: 17min

Bio: A woman has lost her cell phone. A ladies man is about to find it.


One Odd Night

Genre: Dark Comedy

Director: Derek Willis

Runtime: 16min

Bio: An uptight serial killer has everything go wrong as he attempts to dump his latest victim, encountering a budding sociopath passed out in the back of the car he just stole and she is eager to lend a hand.

Yankee Escape

Genre: Dark Comedy

Director: Derek Willis

Runtime: 16min

Bio: An uptight serial killer has everything go wrong as he attempts to dump his latest victim, encountering a budding sociopath passed out in the back of the car he just stole and she is eager to lend a hand.

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 11.01.19

Loose Ends

Director: Tommy Barnes

Runtime: 7:03

Bio:A detective sticks around to finish up some things he hasn't gotten around to doing.

Loose Ends

Wuchina Twin Time with Greg Kinnear

Directors: Eyon and Ivan Wuchina

Runtime: 19:47

Bio: Our exclusive interview with Oscar nominee Greg Kinnear, one of our all time favorite actors!
He gets candid and goes deep as he discusses:
Brian Banks, portraying real life people, his Oscar nomination, Tom Shadyac, having his own action figure, Aldis Hodge, Mystery Men, his thoughts on Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, The Last Song/Miley Cyrus, Anchorman 2, his favorite movie genres, Auto Focus, California Innocence Project, Little Miss Sunshine, Loser, his favorite actors, As Good As It Gets, his favorite roles, and much, much more!!!

The Flag for the Fallen

Genre: Music Film

Artist: Justine Kane

Runtime: 3:17

Bio: Old Glory stands for the heart of every American who died for our freedoms.  Let us never forget their sacrifice. Remember those whom have fallen as you stand with pride and honor. The heart of all those whom have sacrificed, beats on within all who stand for our nations flag. Honor, Freedom and Sacrifice are not just words, but represent the symbol of our great nation

America Strong

Genre: Music Film

Artist: Justine Kane

Runtime: 3:17

Bio: A song that pays tribute to the heart of the United States of America and to all of our service members all over the world who protect our freedom, no matter what the cost. It is a reminder to all of those out there who may have forgotten that the United States can be a strong nation, when we stand united. Together We ARE American Strong.

Student Film Selections


The Funeral

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director: Michael Filek

Runtime: 13min

Bio: The son of a deceased father must find the right tone for the eulogy.



Genre: Documentary

Director: Ethan Wilk

Runtime: 8min

Bio: A professional hacker who has worked both legally and illegally gives his input in regard to the public's negative sentiment toward hackers, discussing their overlooked track record for valiant achievements in advancing the public good.

Clark Harris-AmericanActor.jpg

Clark Harris: American Actor

Genre: Documentary

Director: Joseph C. Hurt

Runtime: 13min

Bio: A day in the life with actor, rapper, marine veteran, and Harlem native turned Tennessee resident Clark Harris. Through this short documentary we get an inside look at the motivations and psyche of a working actor.

Wendy, will you go to the Dance with Me?

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jared Kunish

Runtime: 6min

Bio: Hunter wants to ask his crush, Wendy, to the school dance. However, Wendy is hiding a big secret from him...

Wendy, will you go to the Dance with Me?


Bad Scientist

Genre: Comedy

Director: Falon Danita

Runtime: 9min

Bio: Mary von Grubenstein thinks she's finally done it! She's created an evil monster that will make her the best evil scientist around and make her late father proud, but... things go a little awry when the monster wakes up.

My Home Movie Festival

Levine Museum updated poster 7.27.2020.p

Chinese Girl Wants Vote

Genre: Documentary

Director: Jinna Kim

Runtime: 4:56


We Per Se

Director: Jessica Wilson

Runtime: 4:43

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 10.47.01

Director: Anne Goetze

Runtime: 4:11



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